Smartphones in the 21st Century


Uber, Instagram, Twitter, text messaging, video calling , dinner reservation, plane tickets, food orders, and money transfer. The above list is just a snippet of the things a that are now possibly to accomplish on your smartphones. We are not too far removed from the days of memorizing phone numbers, and yet these days it’s not rare to find someone who can’t even remember their own phone number. The smartphone is becoming for than just phone. It is becoming a self help device. We are becoming more and more Reliant on our cellphones to get us through the day. Take away the average person’s cell phone for merely a couple of hours and all hell breaks lose. They visually can’t function of stay balanced. It has almost morphed into third leg to some extent. Without our phones, we feel unbalanced, and detached from the rest of the world. One of the reasons for this is this. We have entered into one of the most exciting times ever. To further understand the role of smartphones in the 21st century we will look at 2 key words. Anticipation and Convenience. Let’s dissect the three.


Ok let’s be honest, when was the last time you used a phone book? When was the last time you printed out your directions on a printer and took with them in the car before your trip? When was the last time you called anyone one from any phone that isn’t smart phone on your own time? When was the last time you even saw a home phone? Ha. Things are changing.. As a matter of fact things have changed. Apple saw a need, and when the first iPhone came out, consumers were kicking their chops. Finally!! A phone that could store your music as well! Finally! A phone  with a decent sized touchscreen display! Finally! A phone that appeals to the eyes. Apple succeeded in anticipating what consumers would want in the future, and they delivered with an iPhone empire.  We use our cell phones for  everything! You need a baby sitter? Pull out your phone. You need dog sitter? Pull out your phone? You need a safe ride after a fun night with friends? Pull out your phone? You need to pay back your buddy for last months rent? Pull out your phone. Anticipation keeps the question what if, when it comes to fixing our everyday day issues with our smartphones.


Convenience is the name of the game. We are living in a microwave oven society! Some can argue that we have grown increasingly impatient and lazy as a result, but that’s another discussion all together. Can I order my food off my phone and pick it up on the way home from work? Yes I can. Can I text my favorite restaurant to see how busy they are before putting in my reservations for two? With the Get Close App you certainly can. If an everyday issue can be solved with an App, you can count on the fact that someone somewhere will think about and get it done. The App industry is booming! It just makes sense! We are in the Information Age. With more and more people having phones that have the capacity to hold applications, businesses are turning to apps to reach their customers, clients, business partners, or their target demographic. The rest of the world is finding it easier to connect with people, places, events, entertainment, opportunities, businesses, products and services. The power is now at the top of tips of our thumbs. What will you phone do next? Stay tuned in and find out. It is only a matter of time.

Check out some high tech 21st century inventions below: