The Key Features of your HVAC System that you Should Know

HVAC is one of the most important components of your home that you should take great of to keep your rooms comfortable and elegant. Luckily, there are professional  who specialize in providing top quality installation, repairs and regular checkups. The services are very affordable and will help you to save money on your monthly energy bills. This is based on the fact that a faulty system consumes more energy despite the fact that it is not effective in cooling and heating rooms.

For today, let us look at four most important features or components of your HVAC system that you should know.

Number 1# Refrigerant

Its main role is to absorb heat during the hot weather conditions in a bid to cool the rooms. According to the latest Federal law, all HVAC system should operate using R-410A instead of the traditional R-22. This is because the latter has been proven to cause environmental degradation. Hence, be on the safe side by requesting the experts to change the refrigerant if you are using the conventional one.

Number 2# Duct work

Its main role is to facilitate flow of air in and out of your house. Consider cleaning them often to get rid of dirt and other forms of debris that accumulates in them overtime. It is also important to note that the system will not work as efficiently as it should if the ducts are not the correct size or are not balanced correctly. When shopping, consider spending money on the externally insulated ducts, they are more effective in prevent loss of heat and are usually round in shape. You can also consult a reliable HVAC company to make the right decision regarding the best ducts for your system.

Number 3# Filters

Its main role is to protect the inner components of the system from getting into contact with dirt. Just like the ductwork, they need to be periodically cleaned or replaced with new ones if faulty to function optimally. Go an extra mile and install a filter dryer along the air conditioner liquid line to get rid of moisture and grit. The dryer will also extend the lifespan of the compressor. They should also be installed in an easily accessible area to make it easy to clean or replace them.

Number 4# Condenser Coils

They are made from high quality single aluminum metal or copper coil that has special fins made from copper material. It is recommendable to coat them with a salt spray to prevent rusting and corrosion especially if your system was installed outdoors. Take note of the fact that moist conditions aggravate the rate at which rusting and corrosion occurs.

Let us proceed and look at other important facts that you should know about your heating, cooling, and ventilation system.


Permitted Efficiency

Back in January 2006, the government set a requirement on the expected efficiency levels of all new HVAC systems. If you intend to purchase a new one, ensure that it has an efficiency rating of at least 13-SEER. Why should you be concerned about the efficiency of the system you might ask? The answer is pretty simple and straightforward, the higher the SEER, the more efficient the system is and this in turn reduce your electricity consumption. Some of the best models in the market have a rating of up to 20-SEER. Do your own market research to spend your hard-earned cash on the best.

Location of the Unit

An outdoor unit should be placed in a well-ventilated area and protected from the harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, indoor units should be installed in a safe location and away from children reach. For instance, positioning a furnace in your attic can cause ceiling damage unless you install a condensate pan or a drain line on the exterior section. Research shows that furnaces that are mounted on closets close or at the floor level are less susceptible to water damage and leaks.

These are some of the most important things that you should know about your HVAC system. Contact a reliable and trusted HVAC company to install the system in your home or business premises to get the best results.